KRIWEB is an easy, fast and practical way to reach Hosting, Domain and SSL products.

KRIWEB, which is taking firm steps forward on the manner of being the greatest hosting brands in Turkey has also led to a lot of innovations at hosting sector in Turkey for 21 years.

KRIWEB started hosting activities by publishing in 1966 that is the establishment year of it. was the first brand to have registered its domain before Google with its technological viewpoint and vision.

KRIWEB offers the best service about hosting in accordance with the customers’ expectations and is advancing by professional steps day by day with an increasing domain number.

It is increasing the customer satisfaction day after day with its customer experience and sensitivity that it has displayed to technical support area. KRIWEB is not interposing any companies and it provides all the services which it has provided for its customers within itself.

KRIWEB’s Services Provided For Its Customers

  • Web Hosting Service
  • Server Leasing Service
  • Domain Registration Service (.com, .net, .org, TLD and all domains with .tr extension)
  • SSL Certificates
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • Hosting Administration Panel Licences


The service provided for customers is developed by reserving information privacy within rapid, accessible and high quality standards.

The privacy of service policy contracts are reserved sensitively.

The development and training of employees within KRIWEB are supported.

Customer satisfaction rating is evaluated.

It prioritizes extension and development by preserving business ethics value.


Following community development opportunities, KRIWEB aims to support the projects which it believes to be useful and sustainable. Considering social benefits for the projects, KRIWEB evaluates the sponsorship worth and makes a decision.

It supports the projects which sheds light on the future in the field of nature, art and education.


  • A cultural and social responsibility project about nature and environmental pollution ; Doğa için çal
  • A platform created for protection of natural assets; Ağaç
  • Information sharing portal about life and technology ; Biraz Bilgi
  • A platform sending books to needer schools ; Etkiye Köprü Ol
  • The founder of Atlantic Records, Ahmet Ertegün ; Ahmet Ergün
  • Turkish-American album maker, Arif Mardin ; Arif Mardin